Initial Contact Email Template

Thanks to Don Griffith & Susan Conn-Hood for putting an introductory email for Club Presidents, to help start the conversation for the visit by the Pathways team. Be sure to replace the red text with your information.

Dear Club President,

My name is (GuideFullName) and I am a District 3 Pathways Guide. By now, you’ve probably heard about Pathways, the new education program from Toastmasters International, and have been wondering, “When will we get detailed information and training?” The answer is, “Now!”

District 3 has been selected by World Headquarters to launch Pathways beginning on December 7, 2017. To ensure a smooth transition, Pathways Ambassador (AmbassadorFullName) and I are ready to come to your club to explain the Pathways learning experience and help your members prepare to work in the new program.

We look forward to visiting your club this October or November and respectfully request that you dedicate an entire meeting for our Pathways presentation. This will be a great opportunity to learn, ask questions, and prepare your club for the December 7 th Pathways rollout.

This new program affects everyone in the club, so we hope every member attends the training. Because the Vice President of Education plays a key role in the implementation of the Pathways program, it is even more important that your VPE be present.

To understand the purpose, history, and promise of the Pathways program before our visit, please watch the videos at and read Tips for a Positive Pathways Launch on page 14 of the September 2017 Toastmaster magazine.

(AmbassadorFirstName) and I propose the following date(s) for our visit and ask for your cooperation in arranging your club calendar to allow a full meeting dedicated to this essential Pathways training:

date 1, date2, etc.

December 7 th will be here before we know it! Your prompt attention to our request for a club visit is appreciated.


Pathways Guide

Pathways Ambassador


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